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Eric Karie

LMT, Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master


Founder of the BioLuminescent System of Healing

My greatest joy and passion is to support you in living the greatest potential and passions of your Beloved Soul in everyday life!

I believe in what works, and in supporting you in your awakening in your very unique and individual ways.

Soul Dharma was created to take you beyond ordinary bodywork, energy healing and coaching, and into the EXCEPTIONAL!

Experience results as never before...



Experience Bodywork As Never Before!

  • Relaxing Swedish

  • Deep Tissue

  • Structural Alignment

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Help with Migraines

  • Low back, neck & shoulder release

  • And More...

Reiki Workshops

Reiki is Universally guided life-force energy. It is very intelligent and in it's vast wisdom knows exactly where to go and what to do to effect healing on many levels of a persons Being.

It is a hands on healing modality that is similar to Pranic Healing or Medicinal Chi Kung.

All that is required is a Reiki Attunement by a qualified Reiki Master to Awaken this profound and Beautiful energy within you.

Energy Healing

3  Powerful  &  Supportive

Energy Healing Modalities

  • Usui-Tibetan Reiki

  • Karuna Reiki

  • BioLuminescent Healing

Soul Coaching

Receive rare & effective support for your Body, Mind & Soul

  • Each session tailored to your individual needs

  • Packed with Wisdom Teachings

  • Karma Clearing

  • Receive Answers & Solutions to your most pressing questions & challenges

  • Trauma Support & Healing

Chair Massage

for your Business or event

Proven to significantly reduce stress & bring deep relaxation, many businesses are offering Chair Massage for their employees. Added benefits are greater productivity, joy & harmony in the workplace.

We also provide Chair Massage for your Event or Party. Bring something extra special to your guests.

Trauma Healing

It is a great joy for me to help those who are suffering from Trauma & PTSD!

I know first hand the immense suffering and pain that we go through when there is un-healed Trauma within us.

It is with deep compassion, gentleness, skill, patience and unconditional love that I work with all who are suffering from Trauma.